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User Info: Atarifanboy1977

8 months ago#1
I use my ps3 at least every other day. Its^ main machine. I use it to play all my ps1 games, i use it for netflix and my dvd/blueray, and of course the countless ps3 games im playing through. I use it more rhan my ps4/xbox one combined.

User Info: pikey87

8 months ago#2
Yup, every day. It's actually my primary console, with SNES being my secondary.
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User Info: RyanEsau

8 months ago#3
Not at the moment, I need and plan to get back into it soon though.

I got a 60gb phat back in February to play PS2. I've gotten sidetracked with other things though. I had started Yakuza, need to finish it and move onto other games I got.
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User Info: DJPLACE

8 months ago#4
i do. i jump back and forth for grinding on OP:PW 3 for PS3 and Gundam DW:reborn...

kinda wish Gundamn DW;reborn had a way for any pilot to learn any skill.
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User Info: IntrepidTyke

8 months ago#5
Only if I'm playing a specific game. Like right now, I'm playing Yakuza 5.

Otherwise, PS4 for everything like Netflix, etc.
PSN: IntrepidTyke

User Info: WizardofHoth

8 months ago#6
Yes I still use my Playstation 3 since I don't have a PS 4 or x box.

While I still play games for my PlayStation 3, I've been using it to watch shows on Netflix

User Info: deprofundis442

8 months ago#7
As often as anything else. I've been using my PS2 most lately for Yakuza 2.

User Info: SonGaton

8 months ago#8
I use it every now and then when I wanna play some WWE 2K14 or Uncharted 3's Co-Op Arena Mode.
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User Info: WizardofHoth

8 months ago#9
I really need to get back into Ni No Kuni 1 and Battlefield 3 and Killzone 1

User Info: Iroquois2688

8 months ago#10
I use my PS3 more than my PS4 since my backlog is huge. Currently trying to beat Splinter Cell Trilogy, FFF13, Ico and Heavenly Sword. I find current gen gaming lacks the excitement due to every game being overhyped.
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