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What was the last RPG you played on PS3?

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User Info: Risa_Omomo

5 months ago#1
kingdom$ 0f am@lur: re¢koning.

The reason I played this is because I played a demo of it back in 2012 (Didn't really like it). This was the game that the baseball player with a terminal disease made (His announcement made a commotion back then). Fortunately, I was able to play and finish the full game for free in 2018.

The grahics aren't really the problem in this game. Sure, there are a lot of pop-ups, but that's a tiny sand compared to what the big problem was.

It's the artstyle, music, story, and characters. The characters here are so lifeless and forgettable that they make you not care for the story. It's like a wanna-be skyrim. Music is drab and most of the people are ugly, except for about 1 or 2 citizens. The scantily-clad elf girl that follows you around looks normal thanks to her bikini armor. (Hey, at least it wasn't 100% pure ugly like a lot of WRPGs.)

In terms of gameplay, I should be thankful that the game has a selectable difficulty because I probably would have put the controller down right away if it forced players into playing hard. It's still very repetitive though. So yeah, overall the game was bad. At 18 hours on easy difficulty, the game wasn't very good. I would recommend Ni No Kuni™ over this.
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User Info: DualArms

5 months ago#2
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII back on 2016. Been planning to go play my backlog RPGs on PS3, but I am overwhelmed with many PS4 games at the moment.
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