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PS3 is dead, I'm a sad panda.

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User Info: bybyr

5 months ago#11
PS3 is not dead yet, at least until sony stops its online support. I wonder how long they will maintain the online features?
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User Info: pikey87

5 months ago#12
I think it will be a while. They still sell quite a few dlcs and games on the store.
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User Info: HellsingOrg

5 months ago#13
not dead until the server die and it doesn't get anymore updates.
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User Info: OptimusRekt

5 months ago#14
Don't worry guys, I got this!

Items>Phoenix Revive>Use

The PS3 has been revived!
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FinalFantasyForever 5 months ago#15
Phoenix Down, you mean...-_-
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  3. PS3 is dead, I'm a sad panda.

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