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Different PS3 models, original fats and slim models

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User Info: SuikoKid2

5 months ago#1
I know all PS3 models are different in all kinds of ways. But do you they play and run all games differently? Some games run and play smoother than others while others lag? And pending on the models the game is being played on too? Some consoles run and play games differently? Better and smoother or worse and not as good maybe? Are some models not that good and others are of the PS3 despite the generation? Cause i had a friend who had the newest model the 4th, the last gen model and it broke while i have one the first models and it still works just fine. Others are fine and others dont work as well and some break idk? Can anyone help with the models? And tell me

User Info: ElDudorino

5 months ago#2
Games run the same on all models, other than PS2 discs which only the oldest models supported. The launch models had the most features but they were ticking time bombs due to some design issues. I doubt that many are still running.

User Info: youngskillz

5 months ago#3
i wouldn't buy anything but an original slim, maybe super slim for some people but def not for me.

recently got a 2001b an it's clean as hell, nicer than the later slims 3001 ect.
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User Info: revengine

5 months ago#4
I remember reading a story about Naughty Dog, just days before the release of Uncharted 3, having to go back and change some of the game's coding because although it ran fine on the newer PS3 models (slim and super slim) there was a problem with the older fat models - something to do with files building up in memory or something like that. I found the whole story to be a bit weird because I was under the impression all PS3s functioned the same way. Guess I was wrong.
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User Info: Zack_Attackv1

5 months ago#5
You mean to tell me that a corporation intentionally slowed down the system performance of an older model of their main line in order to sell a newer and more efficient revision? How ridiculously absurd!

That was complete sarcasm by the way.

User Info: Atarifanboy1977

5 months ago#6
Ive had all versions of ps3 and the fats have trouble running intense games (lost my bc model to gta V) slims are the best models in rerms of playing. Super slim (at least the two i had) run a bit choppy sometimes. That being said, i think the superslim will be the most reliable model in the future due to it beinf the newsst model and far less moving parts to break
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