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Wolfenstein:TNC is just an awful game

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User Info: LonnyJohnson

4 months ago#1
Theres no getting around it. How they made this piece of crap after the gaming bliss that was TNO I'll never quite know. Just feel like im going room to room dying over and over until I get it right (usually its pure luck). Only to restart this cycle by the next level. I'm at the part where you have to stall the nazis while that group in the tower is trying to escape and I'm just done with this game. Such a frustrating game for absolutely no reason. The devs might be psychopaths. Not only did they make this game overly difficult but they threw in their SJW narrative down the players throats. Oh jeez.
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User Info: copyright2017

4 months ago#2
Never played Wolfenstein TNC. Must've missed it. The new order was fun though.
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  3. Wolfenstein:TNC is just an awful game

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