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Is there any PS game that actually uses select?

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User Info: C Redfield

C Redfield
6 months ago#1
I'm setting up an arcade stick for all four generations of playstations 1-4 but I ran into a problem I'm a button short. On a PS4 that's obvious get rid of share which just causes trouble for me anyway. But for the rest of the systems it will wipe out Select. The only games I remember needing select is the metal gear solid series which I won't play with an arcade stick.

Is there anything I'm missing.
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User Info: ephman97

6 months ago#2
Interesting question. Demon's Souls uses the select button to write messages for other players to read. However, that will soon be moot because the servers are closing in February. =/

I'm guessing there are other gamest that use select, but I can't think of any off the top of my head.
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User Info: V I C I O U S

6 months ago#3
None of this may get in the way of an arcade style set up, but in Battlefield 3 the select button is perhaps only second to R1 for being the most important button in the game. R1 fires, and select "spots" or paints a marker above a target and on the mini-map for your team's awareness.

Many other games use Select to bring up a map, menu, or inventory (Dead Space, Defiance, Borderlands series). Often Select is used to change a selection on a HUD/menu in a game, or a view (Ace Combat series, some racing games/series).

On the plus side, I can't recall any fighting games where select was that important, which may be your intention.
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User Info: Haoie

6 months ago#4
As above, select is often used for a map or option button.

Often as a shortcut. For example, I'm playing Kingdoms of Amalur right now and select brings up the map, but you can press start and select map for the slow way.
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User Info: Yggdrasille

6 months ago#5
You use it to view Skits in Tales of games. ^_^
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User Info: Waluigi_FOREVER

6 months ago#6
Just curious, how are you accomplishing this? Is this a stick that will connect to each system individually?

The last stick I made used the ps360+ PCB to make it compatible across numerous systems including the Xbox one by piggybacking off the Xbox controller.
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User Info: C Redfield

C Redfield
6 months ago#7
2x PS4-PS3-PC Audio fight stick boards

PS4 is PS4 n old 80Gb PS3 that will play 1-3 (New hard drive)
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