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Your PS3 2017 Year in Review (email)

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User Info: desuno-to

6 months ago#1
I usually skip over the PSN spam so I might have missed it last year, but I just got my PS year in review email and it's kinda cool. It tells you the top games you spent playing, # trophies earned - and even what percentile of earners that put you in (I got top 25% - which for a pretty casual gamer I thought was pretty good!)

The full review also gives you some neat community stats, like how the average time spent for all gamers was 218 hours over the year. Not sure if that's a lot or not. I mean, works out to just a little more than half an hour per day.

I thought it was nice of Sony to provide this (although it's also kinda scary they keep tabs on you like this). (I've MS does the same as well, and ninty has that play journal, so I guess it's normal)

User Info: Thesuperstar2k

6 months ago#2
I got that email as well which I agree Sony did a great job of making that type of accomplishment for gamers. Although some information ain't accurate like my first platinum from 2017 is Undertale which it should've been Soul Calibur V.
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