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Convince me to buy a PS3

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User Info: Gaara_fan

6 months ago#11
SaturnSnowman posted...
ThePWBPoster posted...
Not only get MGS4, get the whole Ultimate Collection (or was it called Definitive Collection) which has all the MGS games that will last you for a good while.

Already have it on 360

Metal Gear Solid HD collection on the 360 lacks a bunch of games, such as MGS4, MGS 1 & VR Missions, all of them included in the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection available for ps3.
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User Info: yahya_no_1

6 months ago#12
I will give you the advantages of the ps3 over PS4 AND X360

-Better user interface
-Wireless controllers(if you can find them anymore) last longer than the PS4 ones.
-Play games off the disc instead of having to install them and fill up your HDD with junk
-Easier way to change the controller from P1 to P2
-Free online
-Games not ported outside the PS3:

MGS4, Demon Souls(but that's changing soon), Yakuza 4 and 5 (sadly this list is decreasing every month), I know there are other games but these are the top for me

-All classic PSN games you bought for your PSP or PSVita can be downloaded and played on the console without paying anything extra
(If you create all 3 regaion accounts you will have a good selection of old and new games for PS3)
-Can play PS1 games off the discs(if you can find the 60 GB one you can even play PS2 games)
-Buying 1 games on PSN can be downloaded to another PSN with no extra charge (Example you and a friend can share you MGS PW copy to coop with each other ;) )
-A bunch of good PS move games still exist only for PS3 starting with Dead Space extraction
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