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Good PS3 exclusives? (for someone who's never owned or played a ps3)

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User Info: azurith

6 months ago#1
My friend is selling her old ps3 for like really cheap and I’ve never played nor owned one before so I figured “what the hell let’s get it”.

The thing is, I’m not sure if it’s worth it. I already have a ps4 and I can’t remember any ps3 exclusives from the top of my head. I do remember getting a couple ps3 games when they were free on ps plus (Yakuza 5 is the only one i can name) but that’s about it.

Anyone know any good ps3-only games so I can feel validated with my purchase?
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User Info: cbgreely

6 months ago#2
Demon's Souls, Infamous, Ico/Shadow of the Colossus HD, LittleBigPlanet series
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User Info: OptimusRekt

6 months ago#3
Ni No Kuni, Disgaea D2, Drakengard 3, Folklore, Heavenly Sword, God of War: Ascension, Gran Turismo 5+6, Puppeteer, Motorstorm, Metal Gear Solid 4, various Yakuza games (that Yakuza 5 game will keep you busy for 100+ hours I believe), White Knight Chronicles I + II, Tales of Xillia 1 + 2, SOCOM 4 (single player only now), Resistance games, Ratchet & Clank games, maybe one of the Saint Seiya games (one has been released on PC).

I might've missed some. And these are -just- the PS3 exclusives, not even counting the various 3rd party games that were also on Xbox 360 but not on the PS4 yet.

I think you'll find your purchase far better than you think ;)
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User Info: JCuster

6 months ago#4
Dragon's Crown, Zone of the Enders Collection(2nd runner has an update that 360 did not get), Ninja Gaiden Sigma, God of War Collection, God of War 3.
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User Info: pikey87

6 months ago#5
Killzone 2&3, resistance 1-3, the better version of oblivion, and I'd recommend getting PS move accessories and sports champions 1&2.
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User Info: rafamaximo

6 months ago#6
Metal Gear Solid 4 is, to this day, a PS3 exclusive. It's the first game I think you should get. I believe Yakuza 3 and 4 are also PS3 exclusives to this day, not sure if 5 has a PS4 version.

If you're into shooters, I don't think Resistance 1, 2 and 3 nor Killzone 2 and 3 were released for PS4 so those are also games you should look into (Killzone 3 with move controllers is outstanding, even though it takes a lot of practice to get used to that).

God of War Ascension is also a PS3 exclusive, people claim it's a s***ty game, but I liked it. It's surely not on par with 3 but still worth it. I won't say you should get GoW 3 because I can see PS4 disc version cheaper than PS3 version where I live.

I'd mention Disgaea 3, 4 and D2 but those have handheld versions... either way, worth checking if you are into SRPGs, as outside handhelds, you can play those in PS3 only.

For everything else sony exclusive, you should probably just get PS4 versions, as physical copies are probably at the same price (if not cheaper) than PS3 versions.
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User Info: azurith

6 months ago#7
Thanks for all the suggestions. I’m into rpgs, specifically turn based or jrpgs. I saw Ni No Kuni here so I might give that a shot. I also wanted to try the Trails of Cold Steel series. They’ve been localized for the west, right?

Also, I’m not that into shooters but I’m open to pretty much anything.
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User Info: Hardcastle_R

6 months ago#8
The Last of Us is an experience that you shouldn't miss if you own a PS3

The Uncharted series are games of short duration, but look and feel great

User Info: Vandal-X

6 months ago#9
3d Dot Game Heroes
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User Info: OnurOnly

6 months ago#10
Shadow of the Collosus is one of my favorite games but i would suggest you to ignore the ps3 version if you have a ps4. The remake will hit pretty soon.
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