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How's the super slim?

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User Info: Doublesouba

6 months ago#11
Gaara_fan posted...
Doublesouba posted...
rafamaximo posted...
If you buy one to leave it as a spare console, please, be sure to actually test it out before warranty expires.

Of course. It would be very stupid to not do that. Do you know someone who has done this, and the console didn't work when they needed it?

Yes, there is one ps3 board user that got a dead out of box ps3 and didn't check it way until later when warranty expired.

Wow, that surprises me. I check all my electronics the day I get them. I found a new in box N64, and the first thing I did was check and made sure it worked. I can't wrap my head around why someone wouldn't do that.
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User Info: CloveWildmage

6 months ago#12
F0cu5 posted...
I have the superslim 500gb, snagged one for $170 in 2013 and sold the 2 games bundled with it (on disc) for about $45, meaning I got a new PS3 for about $125. I mainly got it to be my Blu-Ray player but also as a FIFA machine, can't say I've used it much for either. Just not much of a console gamer these days but I am happy with the machine overall. I do like the toploading door so my discs are never trapped, even if it does feel less premium than earlier PS3s.

Similar story with me. Except I've only played Dragon's Crown on mine. And some blurays that i accidentally bought instead of dvds.
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