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How is drakengard 3? Its on sale for 9 bucks I believe.

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  3. How is drakengard 3? Its on sale for 9 bucks I believe.

User Info: SEA_

7 months ago#11
jimi_dini posted...
Drakengard 3 is a special piece of software and it runs well pretty badly. It's not some flashy meme game.

Have you played Drakengard 1+2 or maybe NieR (not the new crappy meme one)?

The original NieR was based on a joke ending of Drakengard 2. And strangely it works perfectly, like Silent Hill 2+3 perfectly. The new meme one is garbage though unless you like to pay $60 for digital asses. It's one of those "fanservice" games and I mean "fanservice" not actual fan service. Effectively weeb garbage.

And what I mean with weeb garbage is non-sensical "sexy" characters, that make no sense at all story-wise and world-wise. Like combat androids with sexy clothing and miniskirts. Also see Eva in MGS3 (properly written actually sexy character) compared to Quite in MGS5 (not actually sexy, just pretending to be because of "fanservice"). If you like stuff like that, then Drakengard is nothing for you.

Anyway as I said - original NieR is based on a joke ending. Meme sell out "NieR" is based on basically nothing but dumb weeb garbage.
And Drakengard 3 is not some typical RPG especially nothing like Dragon Quest. I can't recommend it from just a gameplay perspective. I actually can't recommend any of those games from just a gameplay perspective. Drakengard 3 and actual "NieR" are games that should be experienced primarily for their characters, world and story.

And finally - Drakengard 3 is also basically Square Enix DLC. There are like 30 or 40 DLC packages and they never went on sale with tons of content locked away (I'm one of the few, who not only bought the American Drakengard 3 Collector's Edition, but I also own the Japanese Drakengard 3 Dragoon Limited Edition. That way I had pre-access to the Japanese Voices DLC for the English version, but almost everything else is still locked away.

Putting it on sale while all the DLC is still full price is basically a scam.
The game has a garbage English dub, so the Japanese voices DLC is mandatory. And that's already 5 bucks on top or so.

this is one of the most obnoxious posts i've ever seen
(also i don't know what happened before when i quoted the wrong post in this topic)
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  3. How is drakengard 3? Its on sale for 9 bucks I believe.

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