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  3. Is the PS3 going to be your last game console?

User Info: xOmniCloudx

1 year ago#31
The way things are going it's possible as I still don't have a current gen platform by choice and want to go PC.
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User Info: so_beast247

1 year ago#32
Nah, got a PS4 and use it regularly.

User Info: WizardofHoth

1 year ago#33
No my playstation 3 won't be my "last" since I'll still be playing games with it while this year I'll be buying an X Box One

User Info: renzokuken99

1 year ago#34
PS3 is my "legacy" console -- e.g., I have at least 50+ PS1 Classics/15+ PS2 Classics (all the ones available which were childhood favorites), and about 15 indie games off PSN (basically all the best most unique stuff released for its gen). Also I have almost every multi-game remaster pack they came out with (MGS, DMC, ZoE, Ico/Collosus, Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia, etc). Basically PS3 is a one-stop shop for anything I want to play, basically ever.

PS4 however will be my last console if I can help it. It is certainly the last one I will buy retail games for, going forward all will be digital and I am hoping to just get a decent Steam/TV setup for anything after PS4-era.

I really enjoy collecting games, and when I was younger a single game could last me months, but now with more income I can play more games and dabble in so many, it makes sense to go full digital for ease of use.
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User Info: mixx814

1 year ago#35
Its definitely a possibility I am just not excited about the new gen of systems. Like someone else said maybe its because Im getting older and Im not really into online gaming and would never pay for it (I am more of a single player guy and the industry is slowly going away from it). Its all incomplete games big installs and microtransactions. I also just don't want to pay 300 to 500 dollars for a system anymore and now they are releasing the same system with a few more features here and there just to make more money. I hate what the market has become they are not about the gamer anymore.

User Info: Kuro-chan_101

1 year ago#36
Well spoken. It is most certainly not about the gamer, anymore. It's all about how much they can squeeze out of you for as little effort as possible. The innovation is gone, which is probably why the Indie market has been picking up so much, because they are still willing to try stuff.
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User Info: beshocked

1 year ago#37
Depends on if attitudes to customers change from the likes of Sony,Microsoft and Nintendo.

At the moment none of PS4,Switch,X Box One appeal.

I used to own a SNES, since then I've had a PS1,PS2 and PS3 but there's nothing on the PS4 that makes me think wow.

Last of Us II doesn’t appeal,

even though I loved GOW trilogy for the gameplay, I still dislike Kratos.

I've always been tempted to buy a Nintendo console but their attitude needs to change - become less Mario-Zelda centric, more customer friendly.

I used to play other people's N64 so never needed one myself though kind of regret not getting one.

Microsoft suck when it comes to exclusives though with Sea of Thieves and potentially a new Fable there's a glimmer of light for them.

User Info: TRMDYL

1 year ago#38
Don't think so. Already have a PS4 and would continue to get the next iterations. This time, however, I won't buy them at launch. I feel like I got duped by getting the regular PS4 and have the PS4 Pro release a while later.
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