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User Info: rafamaximo

1 year ago#11
Herrix posted...
I feel the same way. I wish more games delivered more organic rather than scripted cinematic events. Some of the insane crap that can happen dynamically through Grand Theft Auto V's physics engine, for example, is way cooler than the scripted action that happens during some of the missions.

Dragon's Dogma is an example of a game that delivers some sweet experiences that feel both epic and dynamic. I've dealt some great monster kills, like riding an ogre off a cliff, that were completely unscripted. I'd love to see more of that rather than being bogged down by cutscenes or bottlenecked into one specific way to accomplish tasks or defeat enemies.

True, but it's not like games are bad only because of this. You can actually have a linear, cinematic game with good gameplay. Example? God of War. All games are linear and have that epic, cinematic feel. But most of the time you are controlling Kratos, running/rolling around while killing things and doing that is actually fun, gameplay is actually good (except for the first PSP GoW). Not watching several cutscenes in between gameplay sections, like current games do. Problem is when you try to deliver a linear cinematic experience but the actual gameplay is bad (like first Uncharted game). The game I was most disappointed with in current gen was The Order: 1886, that is the most beautiful game I've seem in my life, wife has even asked me if I was watching a movie during initial cutscenes. And that is exactly how that game feels, it's like watching a movie with a few interactive scenes between important plot events.

pikey87 posted...
If thats getting old, then I'm right there with you! My main consoles this year were PS3, PS1, and SNES. My biggest complaint about current gen is all the hoops you have to jump through vs any previous gen. Paywall, mandatory installs for every game despite a garbage hdd, and massive day 1 patches all the time are just unacceptable.

I don't care much about online paywall, because repetitive online games are not my thing anyways. I don't see any fun or value by playing games like CoD or Overwatch online, it's always the same thing over and over. I'd have a Borderlands or Ghost Recon co-op session over that anytime. But all mandatory installs and s***load of patches are stupid indeed. To make things worse, most of the games I own didn't even impress me in graphics department. Batman Arkham Knight has been my favorite game in PS4 so far, that game looks VERY GOOD, WRC 6 actually looks much better than any PS3 racing game I've seem and that's it. The only game I have been "wowed" in PS4 so far is The Order 1886, but to be fair, I haven't played much PS4 games up to this point (was focused in PS3 backlog).
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User Info: AlphaOmega786

1 year ago#12
Not at all.

The PS3 has been a great console, I've owned it since launch and its library contains some of my favourite games ever.

However, the PS4 capitalizes on that and takes it a step further. I've owned one since launch and again, its library contains some of my favourite games to date.

I'm loving this gen as much as I did last gen, if not, more.

User Info: Bob the Almighty

Bob the Almighty
1 year ago#13
No. I already have a PS4 and a Switch and love them both. The PS3 has been good to me - one of my favorite systems ever - but it’s had its time to shine.

I don’t like the trend of modern gaming (incomplete games, broken games that may or may not ever get fixed, micro transactions, loot boxes, and so on) but I still enjoy the hobby. I’m just more select about what i purchase these days. I’m also done with pre-ordering games because too many of them are broken upon release and take months to get to a decent state. QA has really gone down the toilet it seems.

I still trust in Sony and Nintendo’s first/second-party offerings and they still do good by me. It’s mainly the third-party stuff that I take a wait and see approach.
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User Info: Featuring_Dante

1 year ago#14
Pc is the origin of bad practices in video games, its also filled with problems with launchers and plugins and whatever.
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User Info: hindd92

1 year ago#15
It is my last console, but overall, not that I'm buying a PC or whatever. I'm done with videogames after the 7th generation, things are worse than ever, games are not like they used to be. Maybe I'm getting old that's all.
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User Info: mid31

1 year ago#16
No. I have a PS4 and planning to get a Switch soon.

I've been playing on PS2 recently though.

User Info: dooper5

1 year ago#17
PS3 will be my last console.

This is more to do with just wanting fewer stuff since I rent a room and that most of the new games I like are mostly on PC. There are not many console exclusive games that have gotten me so excited/interested to put money into another game console.

User Info: Adrastia

1 year ago#18
Possibly. I can't afford anything anymore. I can't even buy games. I don't see this being a hobby I can keep up with even when it comes to used games. That's just the way it is.
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User Info: Gaara_fan

1 year ago#19
Definitely not. The ps4 has plenty exclusives for me to buy it, I just don't know when I'll bite the bullet. I have also have a great interest in continuing Assassin's Creed series and trying some new series like The Witcher.
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User Info: Kuro-chan_101

1 year ago#20
hindd92 posted...
It is my last console, but overall, not that I'm buying a PC or whatever. I'm done with videogames after the 7th generation, things are worse than ever, games are not like they used to be. Maybe I'm getting old that's all.

You are far from the only person who thinks that. Sometimes, it's anything but easy to profess such an opinion due to the overwhelming quantity of defenders out there who operate under an unfortunate, but unrealistic interpretation of what gaming should be like.
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