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Hakuoki Stories of the Shinsengumi is one of the most emotional PS3 games ever

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User Info: xenosaga123

4 months ago#1
I admit years ago when I first saw Hakuoki on PS3 store, I didn't think much of it, but then here in december, starting a week ago, I experienced one of the most emotional+meaningful stories ever conceived!!
It's also my first otome game I started playing. now three good completed paths later and still overwhelmed with more paths and content to explore.

of course, otome game veterans and Hakuoki gurus would probably be like "you're late", but hey, people discover things at different times, why you think companies even port and remaster games that came out generations ago, and games still up in the store years after they appear in the PSN Store? because there are still people that could have missed out on them.

While my genre affinities are more towards open rpgs with good customizations and some action games and multiplayer games and stuff, I do value an outstanding story if it's presented and done right, and in my opinion, Hakuoki is one of those masterpieces that despite being confined to a visual novel format, it makes the most of it and utilizes its strengths, without the tedium or artificial play length grinds that other genres have.

Hakuoki tells a story from primarily a first person perspective, and that's great and more immersive (and while the music is great, it's actually even more atmospheric with the music off, but it's great its an option, so win/win for both preferences) . while I prefer silent protagonist, I do respect the premade personality of the protagonist, since I also tolerated that style in games like Fire Emblem Fates, which has the protagonist have a prebuilt in personality I don't entirely agree with, but still enough openness to choose my own people of interest and bonds. Hakuoki is somewhat similiar in that respect, though it's more from a narration tone, which irks me, I prefer present time thinking instead of a tone where the protagonist's thoughts tell the story as if it took place in the past, so to me that's a flaw of Hakuoki from one point of view, but from another perspective, I can just deal with it, and brush off how things are worded and still see the interactions and events and thoughts as if they are happening in the present, instead of a somewhat recollection type of storytelling.

though it takes a great imagination to mentally "modify" certain aspects you don't agree with and replace those aspects with how you interpret and see certain things. though it is possible, and my perception of Hakuoki's delivery has helped make it a more personalized experience, and Hakuoki's side that has more open nature, makes it easier to shape a more detailed design of one's own thoughts and whatever is not said, and the times that the story fast forwards beyond and doesn't tell in detail. So there is room for creative roleplaying, even with a preset narration and a premade protagonist mindset, the player can absorb and discard whatever thoughts they agree or don't agree with, and paint their own version of their thoughts, as the protagonist, with their own mind.

So yes, in my opinion, Hakuoki's style has direction that I agree with and disagree with, but completing three of the paths, I've noticed how there are different ways to perceive and experience it. Aside from the pros and cons of protagonist narration, as a whole, Hakuoki's writing is outstanding and deserves praise. You don't find these loveable (and hateable) characters in other games/stories. Even if you were to place them into archetypes, they still stand out as believable people with real and intelligent mindsets. I was also surprised how dark it can get and twists I didn't expect it to have

One of the highlights of Hakuoki is how much weight each decision has, especially without spoilers, there is more depth to the decision moments than it seems! I still haven't even explored 50% of it! Overall, I thank Idea Factory and Aksys Games bringing it to PS3. It is a masterpiece! Otome games have infinite potential!

User Info: bungiefan

4 months ago#2
FYI, searching for it, it appears it is a series and there is another game in it on the 3DS.

User Info: kaminarikid

4 months ago#3
Personally, I used to think otome games were dull until I played Amnesia:Memories. It was a surprisingly engaging experience.

User Info: HentaiMan

4 months ago#4
Nintendo fanboy, KirbyCentrist. Poyo peace to the world :)
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