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PS3 Newbie Help

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User Info: johngolf

2 months ago#1
Thanks in advance for help.

I purchased a used PS3, 500MB, with two wireless controllers. I updated the software and all appears to be working but I do not know squat about it. I do have computer knowledge but not PS3 knowledge. A few basic questions:

1. Can I download PS3 games I have on CD's to the hard drive or must the game disc be in to play the game?

2. As this game machine will be for two young (6-7) children is it possible to set up a custom, dummy user interface so upon power up it basically says Play A Game Here or similar?


User Info: Gaara_fan

2 months ago#2
1. Some games have mandatory installs, other have optional installs, but all of them require the disc inside in order to be played. The only way to play without a disc is buying and downloading digital games, which once installed on the hdd can be played without discs.

2. For disc games, you can set an option to auto-run a game whenever a disc is put inside. Other than that you can't choose the primary 'tab' the system you'll choose when it starts up, it will always be set to the same playstation network tab.
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User Info: dethfix

2 months ago#3
You can make another account just for the kids alone. This will be your "sub" account. You will need to make up a new user id and a email other than your main account one.

Hope we helped

User Info: johngolf

2 months ago#4
The system will be used in a home with no internet connection and solely for games. I did update it via my Internet.

Is a Email address required? I could use one of mine.


User Info: kingdrake2

2 months ago#5
johngolf posted...
The system will be used in a home with no internet connection and solely for games. I did update it via my Internet.

Is a Email address required? I could use one of mine.


e-mail address is required in case something goes bad. e-mail account is very easy to get.

sometimes the store can send out discount coupons (very rarely).
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User Info: revengine

2 months ago#6
To answer your first question, I'm know a lot of PS3 games have a required partial install and some have optional large installs to improve performance but I've never heard of or come across a game that allows for a complete install.
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User Info: rafamaximo

2 months ago#7
Well, since you basically won't be connecting this PS3 to internet, there's no point in creating a PSN account. You can simply insert the discs and play. Some games have mandatory install, other ones have optional install.

Once you get all games you want for your kids, you'll want to connect your PS3 to the internet once more and download any patches/updates available for the games you bought. I don't think you need a PSN account for that, as long as you have an internet connection, just press triangle instead of X when selecting the game, then go to the option of looking for updates in the menu that pops up.

I have a kid who is turning 7 next week. He does whatever he wants by himself in both PS3 and PS4. Kids at this age learn things pretty fast. My kid even downloads a fee F2P games from store and race a few of my PSN friends online in NFS Most Wanted and GT6. He even manages to win a few races here and there.

Since your kids will be offline, all they have to do is really swap discs and that's it.
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