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Recommend a controller.

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User Info: dbr5000

4 months ago#1
I used to have a Gioteck controller for my PS3 that had a switch that would flip the shoulder buttons and triggers so I could use the triggers to fire in FPS games, I'm thinking of getting a new one but first I'd like to know if any other controllers have this feature, maybe I can get one more comfortable, does anyone know?

User Info: str8Knowledge

4 months ago#2
Thrustmaster dual trigger says it can remap buttons but I never tried it.

User Info: Waluigi_FOREVER

4 months ago#3
The nyko raven controller. It has that switch to toggle the bumper and triggers and puts the left analog stick in the correct spot like nearly every other controller and is very comfortable. I use it all the time mainly because I hate the dualshock with a passion.
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