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Revenge of the Backlog

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User Info: OptimusRekt

3 months ago#1
Man, after you stop buying games for a system and start actually playing through some of the stuff you bought, boy howdy, do you realize how many mistakes you made. Buying games that just aren't fun, buying long and boring games, buying games that don't have multiplayer anymore, boy you end up with some stinkers. I've had fairly good luck overall with the games I've bought but lately the ones I've been playing just haven't been my cup of tea. These include:

One Piece Unlimited World Red (just padded to the extreme with pointless unfun stuff)
Killer is Dead (glitched missions that I would pull my hair out trying to get perfect scores on)
Nitroplus Blasterz (I realize now that the PS3 controller is not a good enough device for fighting games, and I got quite a few...)
The Last of Us (so far into it I'm just bored but I've just started it really)

Just making me depressed with how bad my decisions were on this even though I had tons of fun with the story of One Piece and Killer is Dead. So what are some of your weird/bad decisions?
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User Info: rafamaximo

3 months ago#2
Just bought One Piece this week. Never watched a single episode of said anime (actually, last anime I watched was Saint Seiya when I was a kid), but as I was ordering another game and this one popped up for $7 brand new, could not resist. Hopefully I'll trade it for another game of my liking.

I agree with the Last of Us, it's somewhat boring, even though it's a good game. The ending was also a MAJOR disappointment for me. Joel is an a******.
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User Info: Gaara_fan

3 months ago#3
None so far, really.

I have a good sized backlog and still it's very rare to start a game from it that I don't like.
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User Info: desuno-to

3 months ago#4
I think the bigger problem is that you give up on games much more quickly. If it's not too interesting, or seems like too much of a grind, it's tempting to just move on to something else, knowing you have so many games to get to. Whereas if you bought a new release that you played immediately, you tend to stick it out a bit longer, if anything to justify the bigger price tag. It's all about perception.
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