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ninja gaiden 3 razor's edge

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User Info: Billy Trance

Billy Trance
4 months ago#1
I got this game, but I can't play single player ninja trials. I can still play the main game. Any fix?

User Info: ConstanzaShiggy

4 months ago#2
Ninja Trials are a group of Challenges that can be found under the Shadows of the World menu. These trials are avaialble solo or co-op with a friend online.

When you first start the game, Ninja Trials will be unavailable. You must play through Day 2 of Story Mode in order to unlock the Acolyte Trials. After that, you'll have to unlock the others through Karma you earn on each Trial.
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User Info: yahya_no_1

3 months ago#3
I just got it on the Wiiu, sadly no one plays 3, people still play ninja gaiden 2 from time to time, just last week I found someone, but not 3, I guess they really lost the fans on that one
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