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PS3 Dualshocks hard to find... Do PS4 Dualshock controllers work on PS3?

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User Info: F0cu5

4 months ago#11
Gaara_fan posted...
este914 posted...
Hard to find ?

I bought an official Sony controller at GameStop for under $20 the other day (I think it was a misprinted price but what ever)

Yes, it is.

Just type dualshock 3 or DS3 in the search bar. See how many threads pop up complaining about rare they are now.

I found that hard to believe so I looked at DS3 on Amazon and Best Buy and you're right. BB doesn't even sell them anymore and Amazon has few new ones for high prices. A year ago I bought 3 for $90 shipped from BB. I had waited for over a year for a good deal and I might have got the last one.

Set up a deal alert on for dualshock; something might come up eventually.
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User Info: Varron

4 months ago#12
It's ridiculously sad how I can go out and buy two DS4's for the price of one DS3.
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User Info: unknown_VS

3 months ago#13
Jx1010 posted...

how are they "hard to find"? took me literally seconds.

User Info: Gaara_fan

3 months ago#14
unknown_VS posted...
Jx1010 posted...

how are they "hard to find"? took me literally seconds.

Read the reviews, notice a lot of them mention fake controllers.
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User Info: Blaze21

3 months ago#15
I had been trying for quite a while to get a new DS3 controller and never came across a good deal.

Also, that list of compatibility for DS4 is not accurate IMO. It lists KH 2.5 and Metro: Last Light as being compatible games and I tried playing both with a DS4 and neither game responded. Maybe I'll try via Bluetooth.
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User Info: Backlogx

3 months ago#16
Anyone what's the best third party controller around? I actually have this adapter to use Ps2 controllers on ps3 but I doubt it would work with all the games regardless the controller of my ps2 never failed me and it was used for 9 years but now I'm paranoid my ps3 controller would fail on me if I had known they were rare to find I would've gotten another one last year at walmart for $39.99 I just didn't know

User Info: suprsolider

3 months ago#17
DS3 is literally a piece of s***. That’s what it feels like when you hold it. It has the worst ergonomics in comfort of any controller out there. I can’t believe that thing past as a controller through quality control to Sony. It’s utter s*** like people from UK say.

The Dual Shock 3 was just like the Dual Shock 2. Easily the best controllers ever made. Only thing I have against the PS3 controller is the F-ING TRIGGERS. I HATE TRIGGERS, I want that fad to GO AWAY.

Stupid Sega Saturn and Dreamcast for starting this stupid Trigger faze we now have to suffer with.

As for Dual Shock 4, I HATE IT. It's big, uncomfortable, eats batteries like it's candy, stupid light bar, stupid touchpad and again TRIGGERS. I HATE TRIGGERS.


3 months ago#18
F0cu5 posted...
Yes but many games don't support them. See this list:

FYI you'll see the same level of compatibility using a USB controller on PS3.

including the wired 360 controller?

User Info: Phewfus

3 months ago#19
Just buy one of these, plug it into the usb port of the PS3, and sync a ps4 controller to it.

You can play every ps3 game with a DS4 this way.

User Info: BinBinricecake

3 months ago#20
They're that rare? In the north end of Seattle, you can find official ds3 controllers at goodwill's there.
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