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Happy 11th US birthday PS3!

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User Info: pikey87

6 months ago#1
11 years old, and still my main. Wow, what an amazing console! There have been lots of highs, lows, and surprises in the past decade+. List some of yours!

High points- Oblivion on PS3 being the best console port available, warhawk being incredibly fun, and Gran turismo 5s incredible community.

Low points- The fats RIDICULOUS build quality, they were junk! Haze, lair.

Surprises- Wolfenstein (2009) released with no hype, no advertising, and no one talking about it. Killzone 2 was a graphical gem, and the gameplay was excellent. The sheer number of one off games is unbelievable
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User Info: rafamaximo

6 months ago#2
Yeah, PS3 is already an ancient console. Plenty of awesome games... the only thing I'll never be able to get over is the fact that Fats are a piece of s*** as hardware. They are the most useful and beautiful consoles ever created.

It's just unfair they won't last at least one more decade on me. Just too much convenient, PS1, PS2 games with wireless controllers and almost unlimited space for save files on top of all PS3 games, Youtube, Netflix, music player and much more.
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User Info: revengine

6 months ago#3
Happy 11th to my launch day fatty.
Having a level of standards is going to open you up to criticism of hypocrisy from people with no standards.

User Info: Gaara_fan

6 months ago#4
I would kill to get a playstation 3 BC original phat that could work for decades...sigh.
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User Info: Zack_Attackv1

6 months ago#5
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