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PS Vue rocks

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User Info: _Instagram_

3 months ago#1

User Info: str8Knowledge

3 months ago#2
What is it?

User Info: ElNachoCheese

3 months ago#3
My brother told me he likes it a lot and I might try the free trial I got in my email the other day.
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User Info: Mortichai

3 months ago#4
str8Knowledge posted...
What is it?

It is a TV app for your PlayStation. I use it. I cut out cable companies for almost two years now. No complaints except it is sometimes laggy on PS3, but runs smoothly on PS4 and my Amazon Fire Stick.
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User Info: Rocky_Balboa

3 months ago#5

User Info: Rocky_Balboa

2 months ago#6

User Info: Rocky_Balboa

2 months ago#7
Oh yea

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