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Region Locking: Is it the BD Drive or the console itself?

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User Info: r1ch8rd

4 months ago#1
Hi guys. I'm in the process of attempting to fix a PAL 80GB PS3 that wouldn't read discs (I live in the UK) and the thing is really doing my head in by this point! Long story short, I've cleaned it all out thoroughly, replaced the thermal paste on the chips and fitted a new disc drive and it still won't work. Basically it picks up the games fine on the menu screen but goes to a black screen after launching one and I can't even get the XMB menu up with the home button so a reset via the power button is required.

All of the game/display settings are identical to my other PS3 which I use on the same TV so I don't think there's any issue there. I've also done a full system restore which hasn't helped.

But - to get to my point - I decided to try out a PS1 game and a standard DVD movie to see if the drive will pick those up (it's one of the BD drives with two lasers and no external logic board to be swapped) and I get messages saying that discs are the wrong region! So that's PAL discs apparently the wrong region for a PAL console...

So what determines the region lock? Is it the drive or the console itself? I can't find the answer online (just people asking whether the PS3 is region-free in general) and would just like to know if somebody has sold me an NTSC disc drive or whether the console itself and the firmware decides the region. I'm just running through a list of possible checks to get this thing running and this region issue is something that I need to sort out.

Any ideas appreciated - cheers!

User Info: unknown_VS

4 months ago#2
No, PS3 games aren't region locked, so of it doesn't read those something else is probably not working. That it tells you this for PS1 games is irrelevant in this respect.

User Info: Akira1256

4 months ago#3
The PS3 only offers region-locking for physical PSX/PS1 discs, PS2 discs (if you have a PS3 that will read them), DVD-Video discs, and Blu-Ray video discs. Each of those must be from the same region as the console, or the console will refuse to read them. Offhand, I'm not sure if it'll complain about PAL video sources on an NTSC-format setup, or vice versa.

There is at least one region-locked PS3 game, however - Atlus' Persona 4 Arena (not sure if Ultimax is likewise region-locked). For some reason, Atlus decided to region-lock the game.
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User Info: unknown_VS

4 months ago#4
Which is why I decided to never give this company any money, yes. But also kinda irrelevant to the issue at hand, *unless* TC just tried only with this exact sad excuse of a game.

Imo something with the wiring, chip or whatever is wrong, maybe the wrong disc drive model, it's hard to say, but it couldn't really be region lock, because as already said, there is no region lock on *most* but one of all PS3 games. ;)

User Info: r1ch8rd

4 months ago#5
Thanks for the replies so far...

So is it the Blu drive itself or the actual machine that determines the locks for DVDs and physical PS1 discs? If it's this drive that I purchased then I will get in touch with the person I bought it from and see what I can do.

And yep, I'm a keen importer of PS3 games so I know it will play anything in that respect :)

(on a side-note related to the replies here, P4 Ultimax wasn't locked, just the original. I think the only other game that was locked was Stranglehold because it came with the Hard Boiled movie in the SE)

User Info: unknown_VS

4 months ago#6
Well, idk that tbh, but 2 things, did you actually keep your old ribbon (cable) or did you use a new one? I know for sure you *must* keep the old ribbon cable that belongs to the PS3 originally. It will not work otherwise.

And couldn't you just look up the product / serial number of the drive to determine whether it fits to your unit? I suppose you already did, but if not, worth a try, I guess.

User Info: Waluigi_FOREVER

4 months ago#7
Did you make sure you got the correct drive for your console? Different model numbers absolutely require a specific drive. You can't mix and match like some other consoles. Doubt the drive determines what regions things are too.
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User Info: HellsingOrg

4 months ago#8
Its the console not the bluray drive. bluray drives have been repaired all over the world with the same parts. Its the internals of the consoles that region lock it.
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User Info: devil_lord

4 months ago#9
As far as I know, the region lock code for PS1 game discs are processed by the console itself not the disc drive. PS1 game discs are region encoded at the time they are pressed. Once you try to boot a PS1 disc the region code is checked against the correct region code in the console and will either allow you to play or reject it.

User Info: Gaara_fan

4 months ago#10
I'll answer this best as I can, but some stuff might not be entirely accurate.

If the playstation 3 is anything like the xbox 360 in regards to it's disc drive and console archicture regarding region lock, it's the console itself that locks you out of games out of their respective region. The disc drive only reads what the disc is and sends the information to the console and that decides if it gives a green-go to boot the game/movie/disc. Without dwelving too much into it because it's moddablestuff here in GFaqs, when you access a developer options in a xbox 360, you can just change the settings to allow any game region to be played regardless of the main region of that console. I firmly believe you can do the same with ps3.

With all that said, I think your problem lies on how you installed your new disc drive: I'm not aware on how you do on ps3, but I think you need to keep the old pcb from previous drive since it contains all the information that the console needs to authorize that drive as an authentic one.
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