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Games you play once and NEVER touch again

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User Info: NEMESIS_4713

4 months ago#31
Bioshock Infinite bought it 10 euros. I played it 2 times, got platinum and never touched it again. How this game could be a contender for 2013 game of the year beats me. This is the only game in my library that i regreat buying it. I still remember the beach section with the 50plets and ET fingers, lazyness in the most pure form.
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User Info: GVnayR

4 months ago#32
Varron posted...
I can't seem to replay open-world sandbox games, like Sleeping Dogs and Saints Row 3/4. No matter how much fun I had with them, they're one and done.

I beat Saints Row 4 on the easiest difficulty level but it immediately gets too hard for me when I try to play it on the normal difficulty level.
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User Info: RoyalsDK

4 months ago#33
Heavenly Sword
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User Info: spectre_vampire

3 months ago#34
Generally I don't pick up a game again once I've beaten it, unless I want to get 100%, or there's another mode I want to futz around with. I have a bunch of games and don't see the point in replaying them if I've already experienced them once.

As for games I literally haven't touched much since the first introduction, I find it's most common with games I buy specifically for multiplayer. I intend to play it with friends, but I hardly get the opportunity, since even when I DO have other people over they always seem to want to play something else. Lumines Plus is the best example.
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3 months ago#35
I only replay games if i REALLY enjoyed them and they left an impact on me. so,most of my games.
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