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Games you play once and NEVER touch again

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User Info: Yield2DNuggetry

4 months ago#1
Uncharted series, especially 3. The enemy placements in certain sections is meant to frustrate and annoy the f*** out of players. god the gunplay is so jank. I dont see why people say its good.

User Info: Varron

4 months ago#2
I can't seem to replay open-world sandbox games, like Sleeping Dogs and Saints Row 3/4. No matter how much fun I had with them, they're one and done.
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User Info: GVnayR

4 months ago#3
NBA 2K11
NHL 11
MLB 14 The Show
Duke Nukem Forever
College Hoops 2K7
Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire should have had a multiplayer mode.

User Info: 911didbush

4 months ago#4
Pretty much everything I've bought on flash sales for $1-$5. I also seem to have just noticed that this never happened to me as kid.

User Info: kgrc

4 months ago#5
Pretty much every game I own . I don't trophy hunt or any of that crap I just play through on a high difficulty and enjoy the ride then I'm onto the multiplayer then onto the next game.

Games are way to time consuming for me to want to go back and all that trophy hunting or chasing down hidden artifacts is a chore and gets boring as hell.

User Info: Zero_Maniac

4 months ago#6
I'm currently playing through Final Fantasy 13, and I don't think I'll touch it again after I complete it once. I'm at chapter 5, and it's just an average game. Looks pretty, but that's about it.
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User Info: Mexicola

4 months ago#7

I grew up on FF and felt obligated to finish them and I'll eventually force myself to play Lightning Returns, but the first 2 games in this trilogy are absolute trash and there's no way I'd play them again.

I'd also probably add RE6. I recently finished it and it definitely earned all the criticism it received. A real mess of a game.
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User Info: JAYDAKID977

4 months ago#9
I only really played Dragons Dogma once or twice.

User Info: GundamMonX

4 months ago#10
A lot of the PS3 games I have I've only played once to completion and never touched again. These are just some of them:

*Uncharted 1-3 (overall not bad, there were some frustrating/crashy parts, but not very replayable)
*Zone of the Enders 2 (it's just...not good. You feel extremely limited throughout the entire game, and it lacks any sense of freedom)
*Conan. It's kind of "meh"
*Dead Space 3. It was just a disappointment compared to DS1 and 2
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