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Hardware issue: can't connect PS3 controllers to the console.

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User Info: MrMallard

5 months ago#1
The controllers aren't official Sony hardware, BUT - I've used one of these controllers for months after buying it secondhand, and it hasn't failed me until now. The battery life is f***ed and it's in pretty poor shape, but this controller has connected without fail to my console for months.

Recently, after bringing my PS3 back to mine after a games night at a friend's house, the controller hasn't been able to connect. It works if I plug it directly into the PS3 with a Mini USB cable, but the cable I have is absolutely tiny - it's not a viable way to play games. Thinking that my controller had finally borked it after months of service, I went and grabbed another brand-new controller for $50 - I was planning on getting a Dualshock 3, but the place I went to had just sold the only one they had.

I plug this new controller in, I hit the reset button on the back, and it connects fine as it's plugged into my PS3 (just like my supposedly busted controller). But I take the cord out, and there's no connection. It can't make a wireless connection - again, just like my supposedly busted controller.

I've looked this up just now, and all the solutions involve hitting the reset button and connecting it to the PS3 via Mini USB cable. I've tried that, and it doesn't work.

* Fully powered off my PS3, to the point of pulling the power plug out, then reconnected it after letting it sit for a minute
* Connected the new controller to my laptop and hit the reset button, then re-connected it to my PS3 and hit the reset button - hoping the difference in connection would do something
* Let it run through a few connection cycles - just let the red lights flash in the hopes that it'll pair.
* Tried connecting my older controller through the Mini USB cord and taking it off, to see if I can get a connection on that one

The third option has worked for my older controller a handful of times. It'll connect and work fine with some games, but if I try to play Diablo 3 the button inputs lag behind by several full seconds. This has also led to the controller losing connectivity and not being able to connect again. I've looked at several PS3 controller troubleshooting videos on Youtube, and they all cover the reset button thing - I can't find any coverage for my issue.

At this point, I'm almost convinced it's a problem with the PS3 itself. If anyone has gone through a similar experience, please let me know how you resolved the issue. I might be able to take it down to a friend's place and test this all out with a Dualshock 3, but I'd appreciate any advice to try out in the meantime.
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User Info: pikey87

5 months ago#2
Heres a few shot in the dark suggestions. Good luck!
Try the other usb port if you haven't. One of my phony controllers will only sync on the 2nd port.
Are you sure the new controller is charged? Theres a slight chance that maybe the port went bad, and the controllers just arent charged.
Is the usb cable good?
Get a longer cable?
The new controller may be junk.
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