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Most durable PS3 model?

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User Info: SaturnSnowman

6 months ago#1
So I might be interested in picking up a PS3. I already have a 360 with most of the 3rd party games and a PS4 with most of the remasters. I know the fat model can play ps2 disks and the others can't but I'm afraid it might break down soon if I buy one now. Plus it's ugly and takes up a lot of space. So I'm thinking of getting either a slim or super slim model. Is there a major difference between them? Or is there a particular reason I should get a fat model?
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User Info: foxxy_gamer

6 months ago#2
The Super Slim model is the best one.

User Info: Zack_Attackv1

6 months ago#3
The Super SLim has never given me any problems. Plus I'll take a top loader any day of the week.

User Info: kingdrake2

6 months ago#4
slims also good, some prefer that one (haven't heard others give issues on that one) get the one that is preferably new or hardly ever used.
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User Info: Waluigi_FOREVER

6 months ago#5
I've seen about four friends' super Slims break down over the years and I've seen two fats die over the years but never a slim. The super Slims look and feel like junk and are honestly poorly made. From my personal experience, go with the Slims. I think they look the best too. Main difference between the slim and super slim is the super slim uses a little less power and is top loading and looks awful. It's up to you though.
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User Info: INKU48

6 months ago#6
I don't think there is any available data suggesting that either the Slim or Super Slim is more reliable than the other. I've owned both and I slightly prefer the Slim. It looks classier and it being front loaded means it is more versatile in regards to where you can place it. The Super Slim being top loaded means it's not ideal for a narrow shelf. The Slim is however a bit larger, heavier and less energy efficient.

In my personal opinion, the difference between Slim and Super Slim is not a big deal. I never regretted buying a Super Slim after getting rid of the regular Slim even though I slightly prefer the latter. They play the same games and that's what I care about. I wouldn't pay extra for a Slim but I would pick one if they were the same price.

User Info: SamirOG

6 months ago#7
Got my slim on release date, and i'll be honest i've treated it like s***. Like super s***, and it's still working almost perfectly.

User Info: kgrc

6 months ago#8
Zack_Attackv1 posted...
The Super SLim has never given me any problems. Plus I'll take a top loader any day of the week.


User Info: unknown_VS

6 months ago#9
My slim never worked flawlessly :(

It's still "working" but gets extremely loud within a couple of minutes (did this from the start but the time it takes got significantly shorter over time). And when turned off it always makes a buzzing, high pitched sound, I suppose one of the capacitors is dying, but I have no idea how to find out which one...
My "super" slim basically works perfect like on day 1, it got slightly louder over the years though ofc, they all do...
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User Info: Featuring_Dante

6 months ago#10
I've had my slim since 2009, abused it immensely, only had the bluray die on me in 2015, but since then its been better than perfect.
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