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Best Multiplayer goes to what game?

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User Info: beshocked

4 months ago#31
Of games that haven't been mentioned

Last of Us.

Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed

Castle Crashers

Dragon's Crown

User Info: Rocky_Balboa

4 months ago#32

User Info: Rocky_Balboa

3 months ago#33

User Info: Featuring_Dante

3 months ago#34
darkoj posted...
@Moodvayne posted...
Featuring_Dante posted...
Metal Gear Online 2 since it came back in august. Best TPS ever imo, despite the horrible netcode.

As in MGS4’s MGO?

No, I think he means the community developed version released via a USB. I don't know all the specifics, but I heard some details about it.

Actually thats the one i mean, MGS4's mgo is referred to as MGO2.
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User Info: anonymous46773

3 months ago#35
Longsnout posted...
The Uncharted 2-3 multiplayer is fun I guess. Lot of cheating on Among Thieves though.

To be honest, I preferred TLoU's multiplayer a lot more than Uncharted's. It felt a lot more tense and I felt like it rewarded me for being clever :)
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User Info: darkoj

3 months ago#36
Featuring_Dante posted...
Actually thats the one i mean, MGS4's mgo is referred to as MGO2.

Oh yeah, you're right. I misunderstood which one he was referring to.
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User Info: Fearnog

3 months ago#37
Easily the Last Of Us Factions. Never have I experienced in another game the thrill of being the last one alive and winning. The game is still active and I play it all the time. It requires patience and is one of the only online games I have ever found that does stealth well. And as a massive fan of stealth games it was right up my alley. I love everything about it. The community is incredibly salty but I always have a good time turning the ties of a game with one flank. I'm not good at many games, I constantly see that when I play online in most games. But I know I'm good at Factions because after many games I sometimes get a message of praise from a teammate. And you know what, It feels good.
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