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new policy change

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User Info: Gaara_fan

4 months ago#11
BinBinricecake posted...
I wouldn't know if it was real or not. But it wouldn't surprise me too much if that was the case. Thoug I am curious about the ps2 hardware and such. Was the ps2 (excluding the pc) weaker of the bunch at the time? I mean, having games made for it up to 2010-2012(?) is something.

Definitely the weakest. Having third party developers supporting it through 2012 didn't mean it was a powerhouse, just that it sold so many hardware units that developing for it would still turn a profit. The strongest was the xbox, 2nd place was gamecube (which definitely hampered by the mini-dvd drive) with ps2 on 3rd place in terms of power.
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User Info: desuno-to

4 months ago#12
str8Knowledge posted...
What they didnt display the ToS?

Could someone please link to the new ToS?

I wouldn't mind taking a read, esp to see if there is anything about sony being responsible for your account if they get hacked.

For example, if someone steals your info, or if they spend any credit you had on the account... or have these already been covered?
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