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What are the MUST HAVE PS3 games.... by genre?

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User Info: Jx1010

4 months ago#1
Fighting game:
First Person Shooter (online):
First Person Shooter (story):
Third Person Shooter:
Co-op game (online):
Co-op game (couch):
Hack n Slash:
RPG (turn based):
Open World Game:
Superhero Game:
Survival (single player):
Digital Only:
2D Graphics:
3D Graphics:
Cell Shaded graphics:

User Info: Jx1010

4 months ago#2
I think some might be.....

JRPG: Valkyria Chronicles
Open World Game: Metal Gear Solid V (story suks tho)
Superhero Game: Batman Arkham City and Arkham Origins
Remake: Resident Evil 1

User Info: mrbawkbagawk

4 months ago#3
I apologize for ignoring the format, but to categorize these would require more brain energy than I currently have. Here's my list, again, uncategorized:

God of war collection
Fallout 3/new Vegas
Heavy rain (or so I controller didn't work with it)
Assassins creed 2/black flag
Uncharted 2 and 3
The last of us
GTA iv/v
Red dead redemption
Max Payne 3
Skate 2
Spec ops - the line
ICO and in the shadow of the colossus remaster
South park - the stick of truth
Tomb raider
Street fighter 4/vs tekken
mass effect 2
Little big planet series
L.a. noir
Far cry 3
Batman arkham city

Honorable mentions: sleeping dogs, just cause 2, red faction guerilla, ghost recon future soldier,
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User Info: pikey87

4 months ago#4
Fighting game: Virtua fighter 5
First Person Shooter (online):Killzone 3
First Person Shooter (story): Killzone 2 and wolfenstein (2009)
Third Person Shooter:max payne 3
Co-op game (online):warhawk
Co-op game (couch):order up
Hack n Slash:dynasty warriors 7
JRPG: Dont like this genre
WRPG: Oblivion
RPG (turn based): N/A
Open World Game: saints row 2
Puzzle: bejeweled 3
Anime: I HATE anime crap. It's so deeply lame Imo.
Superhero Game: Arkham asylum
Horror: Condemned 2
Survival (single player): N/A
Remaster:MGS HD collection
Remake: N/A
Digital Only: race the sun
2D Graphics:tennis in the face
3D Graphics: Far too long to list
Cell Shaded graphics: Girl fight (Not "true" cell shaded, but whatever)

I Could do a top ten for most of those, but I don't want to spend the time.
25+ years of gaming taught me one important life lesson. You normally don't have to push start at the main menu.

User Info: rafamaximo

4 months ago#5
Fighting game: Ultra Street Fighter IV
First Person Shooter (story): The Darkness (1 and 2)
Third Person Shooter: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
Co-op game (online): Borderlands (any)
Co-op game (couch): Borderlands (any)
Hack n Slash: God of War 3
JRPG: Star Ocean: The Last Hope International
WRPG: Oblivion / Skyrim / Kingdoms of Amalur / Fallout 3 and New Vegas
RPG (turn based): Disgaea D2
Open World Game: Red Dead Redemption
Superhero Game: Batman Arkham Asylum / Arkham City
Horror: Dead Space (all games)
Survival (single player): Dead Space

The categories I have not mentioned are the ones I think no game could be considered a "must have", not in PS3. Now a few more categories I will add:

Stealth Game: Dishonored
Action Game: Metal Gear Solid 4
Racing Simulation Game: Gran Turismo 5
Arcade Racing Game: Need for Speed Carbon
"Mario Kart like" Racing Game: Cars 2
Creative Game: Modnation / Little Big Planet (games that allow you to create/customize content)
Sports Game: Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 (my kid loves soccer and this is actually a pretty good soccer game, I have tons of fun playing with him)
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User Info: kgrc

4 months ago#6
Fighting game:street fighter 3 third strike,ultra street fighter lV,ultimate marvel vs Capcom,soul calibre lV.
First person shooter story:call of duty black ops 1,killzone 2,far cry 3,crysis 2.
First person shooter online:call of duty black op 1&2 , killzone 2&3 ,call of duty advanced warfare, battlefield 3.
Third person shooter : Vanquish,shadows of the damned,mgs 4 and 5 res 4 HD,the last of us,uncharted 2.
Co op online : Res 5 , uncharted 2.
Co op couch : N/A
Hack n slash: Gow 3.
Jprg : With pikey on this one but ill go dark souls , demon souls.
Wrpg : Mass effect series.
Rpg turn based : My most hated genre of all time...
Open world: GTA 4 and 5 , red dead redemption , mgs 5.
Super hero game : Batman arkham city and arkham asylum.
Horror : Res 4 HD, dead space 1 and 2.
Survival : Dead space , res 4 HD.
Puzzle : Zzzz
Anime : Zzz
Remaster : Res 4 HD , mgs collection , Zoe hd collection.
Digital only : Warhawk , starhawk , Vegas strip poker edition.
2d graphics : Street fighter 3 third strike.
Stealth : Msg 4 and 5.
Race game : Motor storm series , burnout, modnation racers.
Sports game. Ufc , fifa 14 , pes 09.

User Info: Varron

4 months ago#7
Fighting game: Tekken Tag Tournament 2
First Person Shooter (online): CoD Black Ops 2
First Person Shooter (story): Bioshock
Third Person Shooter: Vanquish
Co-op game (online): Resident Evil 5
Co-op game (couch): Castle Crashers
Hack n Slash: God of War Saga
JRPG: Ni no Kuni
WRPG: Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
RPG (turn based): Eternal Sonata
Open World Game: Red Dead Redemption
Puzzle: Catherine
Anime: Asura's Wrath
Superhero Game: Batman Arkham Asylum
Horror: Siren Blood Curse
Remaster: MGS HD Collection
Remake: Was there anything remade onto the PS3?
Digital Only: Outland
2D Graphics: Child of Light
Cell Shaded graphics: Valkyria Chronicles
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User Info: unknown_VS

4 months ago#8
First Person Shooter (online):.
First Person Shooter (story):.
Third Person Shooter: Resident Evil 5
Co-op game (online): Resident Evil 5
Co-op game (couch): Resident Evil 5
Hack n Slash: Drakengard 3
JRPG: Resonance of Fate
RPG (turn based):.
Open World Game:.
Anime: Akiba's Trip 2
Superhero Game:.
Horror: Resident Evil remake HD
Survival (single player):.
Remaster: Devil May Cry 2 (Lucia)
Remake: Tomb Raider
Digital Only:.
2D Graphics: Resident Evil remake HD
3D Graphics: Resident Evil remake HD
Cell Shaded graphics: Devil May Cry 2 (Lucia)
Fighting Game: Tekken 6
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User Info: SheenavsKilley

4 months ago#9
Metal Gear Rising

User Info: kgrc

4 months ago#10
SheenavsKilley posted...
Metal Gear Rising

How did I forget this one.

9/10 game for me.

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