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PS3 still a best console.

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User Info: aki_sora

4 months ago#1
this is GFAQs and stating an opinion is a declaration of WAR!

User Info: DoobleBoop

4 months ago#2
Save gaming! Stop the hackers!

User Info: este

4 months ago#3
It is a best console. One of em at least 💯
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User Info: toadieman

4 months ago#4
Must be if they keep remastering everything from it and putting it on ps4.
Playing: Dissidia 012

User Info: Zack_Attackv1

4 months ago#5

User Info: Gaara_fan

4 months ago#6
Nice avatar, TC.
"O Admonishing melody, arise in the name of the Necromancer. Mystic Cage"
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User Info: hazim_x

4 months ago#7
want to know something important since you guys expert in ps3, i bought for my son 1 but we're far now i live in different place but also i have ps3 & i want that we both play online however..

in his ps3 way back i play lot's of games & some i purchase digitally which i assume if i tried to download the same games using the account on ps3 it will be if im not mistaken, the question is can i play the same game online with him? some says 2 account can't be online at the sometime, what if i download the game but i play it in other account then will enter online will be able to play? if im not mistaken some games is ok to go to other account to play from what i remember when i was there but some games says you cannot play this game cause it was purchase there but that was rare compare to the others.

besides i do safe all the ps3 games in save data on hard disk so when i open the ps3 i have i will just put all what i had there here. is it possible? & please needs info about what i said up thanks.

User Info: Yggdrasille

4 months ago#8
Agreed, definitely better than PS4 at least, considering the sheer amount of PS3 games getting "remastered" on PS4.
Waiting for: Ni No Kuni II, Dragon Quest XI, Ys VIII, Trails of Cold Steel 3, 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

User Info: aki_sora

4 months ago#9
@DoobleBoop I 😍 you too

@este yessss 💯

@toadieman yeah I felt it man like vanquish on pc 😔

@Zack_Attackv1 6+4/10

@Gaara_fan thanks 😊

@hazim_x sorry I don't know 🙏

@Yggdrasille but on the bright side my PS3 can retired
this is GFAQs and stating an opinion is a declaration of WAR!
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