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Need help identifiying a video game

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User Info: Goxen0811

5 months ago#1
There was a game I played for the ps3, I believe ( very small chance it was the PS4 ) and in this video game I remember something along the lines that " magic was new to the world " and before the event known as "The Fracture" magic didn't exsist. Also I believe that in the game "The Fracture" was also the source of the monster.

User Info: weslleyend

5 months ago#2
Maybe, just maybe, Dragon Age Inquisition?

User Info: BinBinricecake

5 months ago#3
Naw, it's gotta be the first Dragon Age. Watch the intro, it confirms that's your game (I think)
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User Info: fereydoom

5 months ago#4
thats it TC? give more info
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User Info: potatodood

5 months ago#5
Was it a third person shooter? For some reason it's making think of a game actually called Fracture. But there probably wasn't any magic in that game.

User Info: pikey87

5 months ago#6
I hate it when people ask questions then disappear.
25+ years of gaming taught me one important life lesson. You normally don't have to push start at the main menu.

User Info: HotshotJoe

5 months ago#7
pikey87 posted...
I hate it when people ask questions then disappear.

It is a clever troll trick.

Make a topic that is controversial or void of any detail and then never respond.

They just watch people fight over it and hopefully get the entertainment of watching one of the victims get banned from argueing with other victims.
That's why I'm streaming LoLz right now and why I have bought 9300 IP on two accounts so far. Because I don't play it. Makes perfect sense ~ Karmic Dragon
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