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It finally happened... yellow light of death.

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User Info: gamertamer_msm

5 months ago#1
So sad, I've had the 40gb fat model since 08 with upgraded 320gb hdd. It had a good run. I might try the fix where you take it completely apart(not the hair dryer one); but they really aren't permanent fixes. I don't think it's worth replacing with a slim since I mostly play ps4 now plus i don't have as much time to game. I mostly used it to watch blu rays and download rentals on psn since I've had ps4. But I will miss my Portal 2 and Final Fantasy xiii(please be a remaster). I really hope gaming goes completely to cloud technology so I can play any game on any console someday.

User Info: rafamaximo

5 months ago#2
I was feeling sorry for you, until I read your last sentence.
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User Info: RococoEra

5 months ago#3
Get someone to reball it, it'll last for years

User Info: Longsnout

5 months ago#4
Can't leave it at a tech rep?

User Info: gabelogan183

5 months ago#5
I recently got a super slim because my phat was starting to act up. PS3 is one of the consoles I've invested the most in and have the most games for so I wasn't ready to let go just yet, I still have PS3 games to get actually.
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User Info: MondaDashi

5 months ago#6

My original 60gb phat died two years ago. As I had it since launch, I couldn't for the life of me give up the years-worth of saves, so even though I knew it wouldn't last I had it repaired at a local shop (I would have it reballed if I could, but as I live out in the boonies there is no such service, sad).

It sprung to life and I hurried home to back up all of my stuff. Not knowing when it would shut down again, I was really nervous it would YLOD at me again right in the middle of the loooooong backup process, haha.

Fortunately, it was a success. PS3 died again in a week or so, but I still managed to squeeze out some Tales of Vesperia and KH1 playtime. After that I bought a 500gb SuperSlim (design is meh) and transferred all of my data to it, but I still have my Phat on the shelf next to other Sony consoles and like to clean it occasionally, remembering the great times together.

Sorry for long post, feel free to ignore my blogfaqs lol.

User Info: Zack_Attackv1

5 months ago#7
Big f***ing deal. Mein original phatty died in the summer of 2010.
You'll live.

User Info: HotshotJoe

5 months ago#8
Mine is still going strong from launch date.
That's why I'm streaming LoLz right now and why I have bought 9300 IP on two accounts so far. Because I don't play it. Makes perfect sense ~ Karmic Dragon
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