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How are the first three Rayman games?

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User Info: Draco_2

7 months ago#1
Was thinking of getting Origins and Legends off PSN, but I'm curious if I should go all out and just get the whole series...

I remember renting the first way back when, but I have very little memory of playing it...I think I mainly just watched my sister play.
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User Info: Aerosoldier

7 months ago#2
Origins and Legends are GREAT GAMES, never played the older games sadly...
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User Info: Draco_2

6 months ago#3
Looks like the whole series will cost all of my PSN money...which is unfortunate, since I plan to get the whole series.

Guess they'll have to wait a bit, then.
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User Info: RJP_X

6 months ago#4
i find 2, origins, and legends to be the best. 1 isn't as good of a 2D platformer as origins and legends have been. 2, the great escape, and all its many names and re-releases is the best 3D one, i have nostalgia for it though lol. 3 isn't as praised.
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