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Your go to App for PS3 when not gaming?

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User Info: Waluigi_FOREVER

6 months ago#11
Ps3 only plays games. It's almost always off when not playing ps3 games. Xbox one plays Netflix and Hulu. feels like it's easier to get to there and I never had to show my girlfriend how to open it on Xbox one since it was just in plain sight for her.
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User Info: nononoyesyesyes

6 months ago#12
...though its not as intuitive or user friendly as the native music player.

something like 30 visuals, but theres really only 5/6? modes with 5/6 variants.

User Info: Emptybox

6 months ago#13
I only use it to play games.
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User Info: kgrc

6 months ago#14
Youtube,sky player,bbc I player,Netflix.

Probably in that order.

Always funny to watch my fellow gooners have a meltdown on arsenal fan tv after a loss or play music on youtube.

On sky player I have all the sports and movie channels but gd movies are rare and sky only put arsenal matches on once or twice a month if I'm lucky.

Bbc I player has some gd documentary's and some gd comedy (people just do nothing).

Netflix is just pure garbage.

User Info: jjgator

6 months ago#15
None, my Shield TV is used for all my non gaming apps.
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