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Snow's Reflections- Day 1- Lollipop Chainsaw

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User Info: Snowthaproduct

7 months ago#1
I've been wanting do to something like this for a long time, especially since the PS3 is no longer the "main" console. I want to go back and look at some games I heavily enjoyed or disliked during the PS3's golden era.

I'd like to talk about my favorite game on the PS3, Lollipop Chainsaw.

This game is sort of a hidden gem/cult classic amongst the 360/PS3 users, because it features a Cheerleader trying to save her high school from zombies, while having her boyfriends detached head attached to her skirt.

Graphics- The graphics were pretty decent for the time(I don't expect a whole lot being a Suda51) Juliet looks detailed(She's modeled after Jessica Nigri). The worlds are pretty detailed though there's some invisible walls.

Gameplay- This is where the game really shined for me. Pressing Square will do cheerleader attacks that will eventually stun the enemy, gather a group of enemies and stun them all, and decapitate them for huge bonus zombie medals! It's simple, yet addictive as there's plenty of moves(I'd compare it a lot to DMC where there's a ton of moves you can do). Gameplay seems fast and fluid, though my only gripe is the weird dropkick move that doesnt seem to go where you want to....

There's also a few special moves that can be used with a Nick Ticket(Obtainable in game, you basically get to play a minigame with nick, and it can be very useful in clearing waves of enemies)

There's also Cheerleader mode(I forget what this is called!) Where a rainbow follows you and bascially any hit is a kill on a normal enemy( all while jamming out to mickie you're so fine)

Sountrack- Amazing if you like rock/hard rock/heavy metal. There's not one track that I dislike on this game, features bands such as Arch Enemy, Five Finger Death Punch, and Children Of Bodom.

Replayability- Over a dozen costumes to unlock and three endings provides a pretty solid replay value.

Lasting Impressions- I'm currently playing through this after about 2 years, and the game is still very VERY fun. I've completed this game at least 10 times(Second most only to Resident Evil 4!). The Jokes between Juliet and Nick are hilarious, the gameplay is still fresh. Juliet is probably the most attractive video game character there is!

Anyways, If you're a fan of DMC/Ninja Gaiden, I strongly urge you to pick up Lolllipop Chainsaw it's a fantastic game that will have you none the less laughing from the hysterical comedy.

Overall score- A+

Thanks for reading, and sorry it was so short, have to go to work :)
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User Info: pikey87

7 months ago#2
Nice write up. I haven't played it yet, sounds pretty fun. Don't worry about length, your write up was actually the perfect length Imo. If you plan on doing several of these, I'd keep the length as is. I'd recommend submitting reviews then giving us the condensed version.
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User Info: Zack_Attackv1

7 months ago#3
Vintage Suda51

User Info: Gaara_fan

7 months ago#4
Zack_Attackv1 posted...
Vintage Suda51

Still need to get that No More Heroes: Heroes' paradise for my collection. That and Lollipop Chainsaw seems to be Suda51 masterpieces.
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User Info: kaminarikid

7 months ago#5
So if you've played the PS3 version, did the music seem super compressed to you?

On my game, all of the music sounds like low-bitrate mp3 audio.

User Info: New_Birdman

7 months ago#6
LC is an amazing game.

It got trashed because people don't bother to learn game mechanics these days. I've got a huge guide in the works for everything you can do as well as enemy/boss analysis.

Tons of replay value too. Costumes and ending as TC said, and also difficulties, rankings, score attack, time attack. That kind of sh*t lasts me for years.

User Info: gamemaster712

7 months ago#7
The game is cheap enough and October is coming up...
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