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time for a new game (TPS recommendations)

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User Info: cris1ussen

6 months ago#21
I can recommend you one game that fits in what are you asking TC, is not very well know (even considerating the fact that was published by Bethesda), it's called WET

The game is kind of like an over-the-top TPS game of run, shoot and kill everything in the sight, is really funny and plays well in my opinion

You can always check gameplay videos if you are interested, the game had a demo version on the PS Store but unfortunately was removed for some reason
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User Info: ukloukloiy

6 months ago#22
The ones i liked:
-Dark Sector
-Bionic Commando
-Wanted: Weapons of Fate
-Dark Void
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User Info: RJP_X

6 months ago#23
mrbawkbagawk posted...
I'll check out edf, but I don't have vita or web access for the ps3 (I'm too old school for my own good...I'm still bummed most games don't have couch co-op :/ ). I do have a ps2 though.

I have just cause 2 but for some reason I didn't really dig it. Maybe because I had no idea what was going on story wise, maybe because the protag was fairly obnoxious, maybe because I got tired of flying around everywhere. I should probably give it another try.

As far as auto aim goes, for a time I couldn't imagine playing a shooter without auto. I could barely beat red dead redemption with auto on. But uncharted 2 changed that. I'm currently playing through GTA v with free aim on. Makes the game fun again.

there are physical copies of EDF 2025 for PS3. and i'm pretty sure it has couch co-op.

i couldn't really dig just cause 2 much either. nor the EDF game i played. but i can understand why they're liked in the least. i only suggested the EDF series because there are fans for the reasons i've stated, basically relaxing destruction, looting enemies for new weapons and extra health. plus can be played with others. you can make the games easy or insanely tough with many difficulty options per mission. higher difficulty rewards better loot in weapons.

rockstar games like red dead and GTA series are much preferred with auto-aim unfortunately. they've never really had tight gun controls. xD i swear i think in GTA 5 there's like, a tiny white dot for your reticle that you can barely see. i'm not the biggest uncharted fan, but their gun controls are really good. the first UC was one of the first shooters i really played on PS3, and playing on the hardest difficulty really taught me how to shoot in that game, it was headshots or die over and over. :p i don't play shooters very often lately though, have to be in the mood.

oh and since you mentioned couch co-op you should really look into resident evil 5, 6, and revelations 1 and 2. those are some other options. people are either fans or not fans of the newer RE's. because they aren't in the survival horror style as much, even though they carry elements of them. there are other reasons people don't like them as well, but the people who really enjoy them will say they like the co-op aspect of it. which i can see why, if any of those to recommend definitely be 5 and revelations 1.
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