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Your favorite PlayStation character of all time?

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User Info: _Instagram_

8 months ago#1
They could have appear on other consoles.

User Info: JoveHack

8 months ago#2
Ratchet and Clank
Jove the Sleep Depraved

User Info: Waluigi_FOREVER

8 months ago#3
Sir Daniel Fortesque

We'll probably never see him in another proper medievil game again ;-;
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User Info: Varron

8 months ago#4
Nathan Drake
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User Info: RococoEra

8 months ago#5
Solid snaku

User Info: MetaSylo

8 months ago#6
Dante (DMC)

User Info: bigtiggie23

8 months ago#7
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User Info: modrro

8 months ago#8
Rise from Persona 4.
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User Info: BarbaricAvatar

8 months ago#10
Probably Spyro. Can't think of any other i may like more right now.
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