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the ps3 visual effects when you play an audio

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User Info: trash_master

8 months ago#1
i never knew how in detail the visuals are when you play a music CD on the ps3! like theres the planet earth and it has the sun going around the earth making different colors and stuff. wow im actually impress on how much the visuals make listening to music so appealing. i always use to play a music CD on 360 and it was the generic color splash you see on windows media.

User Info: Zack_Attackv1

8 months ago#2
Yeah, it's the same thing for MP3 playback.

I miss playing MP3s. PS4 really s*** the bed with that one.

User Info: Iroquois2688

8 months ago#3
Yup, it's Sony after all, CD playback has been their thing since forever. It's too bad kids these days don't know what an Audio CD is thus the PS4 removed the feature entirely.

User Info: Haoie

8 months ago#4
Hard to believe how backwards the PS4 is in some aspects, no?
PlayStation enthusiast/collector, from PS1 to PS3!

User Info: rafamaximo

8 months ago#5
That Earth effect is amazing indeed. Sometimes I would just sit there and watch it while the music was playing.
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