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Does the mgs hd collection and or mgs4

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User Info: berserkguts666

8 months ago#1
Ever go on sale?

Thank you

User Info: pikey87

8 months ago#2
The MGS HD collection normally doesn't, but I've seen the individual games on sale multiple times. Just get the physical copy of MGS4, it's under $5 everywhere.
25+ years of gaming taught me one important life lesson. You normally don't have to push start at the main menu.

User Info: este914

8 months ago#3
berserkguts666 posted...
Ever go on sale?

Thank you

Did you try searching on eBay or Amazon

User Info: GSP7

8 months ago#4
Regular price brand new is probably like $20 or less. Check the bargain bins.

User Info: deprofundis442

8 months ago#5
But... These games are already cheap as f***.

User Info: nononoyesyesyes

8 months ago#6
legacy collection is pretty cheap.
maybe buy that?

it contains the hd collection and 4.
you also get a voucher for mgs1 and vr missions.
the book is pretty nice too!

User Info: Lum_Yatsura

8 months ago#7
if it matters to you, the ps3 graphic novel ports are only in legacy collection.
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