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Best game to play?

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User Info: LOL_You_Mad

6 months ago#1
Best game to play?

User Info: BarbaricAvatar

6 months ago#2
The one with the controller.
If you ran the world, it would probably be on fire right now.

User Info: este914

6 months ago#3
The one where you have fun

User Info: pikey87

6 months ago#4
The one you like.
25+ years of gaming taught me one important life lesson. You normally don't have to push start at the main menu.

User Info: Varron

6 months ago#5
Mass Effect Trilogy
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User Info: squarion

6 months ago#6
Metal Gear Solid 3 HD
PSN: squarion, Nintendo ID: squarion, Steam: Yeezus (Level 12, Kanye West pic)
Favorite Game of All Time: Donkey Kong Country 2
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