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The Top 100 PlayStation 3 Games of All-Time

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User Info: beshocked

4 months ago#111
1) Mass Effect 2
2) God of War 3
3) Uncharted 3
4)Borderlands 2
5) Mass Effect 3
6)Shovel Knight
7) Saints Row 3
8) Last of Us
9) Castle Crashers
10) Hotline Miami

I've only included games in my top 10 I've actually completed. There are are lots which are great but I haven't got around to finishing.

Some of the most popular haven't really hooked me in.

User Info: Lone_Snake

4 months ago#112
Lone_Snake posted...
Jack0 posted...
Can someone please update the top 100 list. Thank you


User Info: Tebow_Time

4 months ago#113

User Info: LOL_You_Mad

3 months ago#114
It's a shooter game
1. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
2. God of War 3
3. Deus Ex: Human Revolution
4. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
5. Yakuza 5
6. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
7. Valkyria Chronicles
8. The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim
9. Red Dead Redemption
10. Batman: Arkham City
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User Info: Scipio1989

3 months ago#116

User Info: jls403

3 months ago#117
I will try to update soon. Sorry for the delay

User Info: electricfemale

3 months ago#118
1. Resonance of Fate
2. Valkyria Chronicles
3. Journey
4. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
5. Heavenly Sword
6. Nier
7. Eternal Sonata
8. Red Dead Redemption
9. Demon's Souls
10. Arcana Heart 3: Love Max!
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User Info: ChelskiFan2

3 months ago#119
I only saw the list on the first page, the first three are all correct and in the right order, but Portal 2 should be much higher.

My first ever PS3 game was Metal Gear Solid 4, I hated the first 3 on PS2, just couldn't get into them, yet I thought MGS4 was epic. That would get into my top 5.

Top 10 should be:

1 - Last of Us
2 - Uncharted 2
3 - RDR
4 - GTA5
5 - MGS4
6 - Skyrim
7 - Mass Effect 2
8 - God of War 3
9 - Batman Arkham City
10 - Deus Ex: HR

User Info: jls403

2 months ago#120
Bumping. Will try to update soon.
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