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Recent PS3 Pickups ver.2

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User Info: -0melette-

1 year ago#21
pikey87 posted...
Shame the other topic died, but thanks for starting another one. I haven't gotten any recently, I've been busy as hell, and then my mom died on the 12th. I really just now started having a chance to grieve, I'm a bit of a mess tbh.

Your welcome I guess, I like game pickups threads and the other one was a fav of mine. I am really sorry about your mom that's really sad. Sending some good feelings your way man :)
Put a lid down on it, Save it for a another night.

User Info: -0melette-

1 year ago#22
2 new pickups

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z (I know its a bad game)
Child of Eden
Put a lid down on it, Save it for a another night.

User Info: DualArms

1 year ago#23
Just bought Mega Man X4, Mega Man X5, and Wild Arms 2 four days ago. Great deals for the second PS anniversary sales.

I totally forgot about the anniversary sales two weeks ago that I missed the chance to buy Wild Arms 3 (PS4), Rogue Galaxy (PS4), Xenogears and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night...
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I'm not normally interested in JRPG's but the back of the box says it has a realtime battle system, i'm willing to take a punt as it's in immaculate condition despite being preowned.
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User Info: GuyverXD

1 year ago#25
Picked up Anarchy Reigns for $3
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User Info: -0melette-

1 year ago#26
picked up Final Fantasy XIII-2
Put a lid down on it, Save it for a another night.

User Info: Ranlom

1 year ago#27
Glad to see people are still bolstering their collections! I'm quite happy with my Black Friday haul.

- Lost Dimension
- Tales of Zestiria
- White Knight Chronicles ll
- Killzone Trilogy
- The Orange Box
- Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition
- Alpha Protocol
- Kindoms of Amalur: Reckoning
I Must Become An Hero
(edited 1 year ago)

User Info: mid31

1 year ago#28
A bunch of PSOne Classics from that PSN sale and Nier.

User Info: Halo_Forever

1 year ago#29
I was seeing my sister in Japan and it resulted in the pickup list:

Another Century Episode R
Gundam Breaker
Jurassic the Hunted (it was in the import shelf)
Kamen Rider Battride Wars
Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs
Mobile Suit Gundam Side Stories (a compilation of older Gundam games)
Mobile Suit Gundam Battlefield Report U.C. 0081
Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
Sengoku Basara 4
Sengoku Basara 3
Yakuza Kenzan

By the way this list only costed me like 70 bucks.
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(edited 1 year ago)

User Info: Mexicola

1 year ago#30
Ni No Kuni
Resident Evil: Revelations
Yakuza: Dead Souls
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