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Recent PS3 Pickups ver.2

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User Info: -0melette-

1 year ago#1
Since the old one was archived, I thought I'd make a new one. You know the drill everybody post your recent PS3 pickups.

My recent pickups are

Lost Planet 3 (sealed) $10
F1 2010 (sealed) $10
Falling Skies: The Game (sealed) $10

got them all at my local grocery store in a bargain bin. Lost Planet 3 being the highlight.
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User Info: Bulbopwn

1 year ago#2
Recently grabbed:

God Eater Resurrection (Vita digital, 8 bucks)
My Name is Mayo (Vita/PS4 digital, 1 dollar, shameless trophy plug)
Saints Row 4 (PS3 preowned, 5 dollars, Best Buy)
Batman Arkham Asylum (PS3 preowned, 5 dollars, Best Buy)
inFamous Collection (PS3 digital, 11 bucks, anniversary sale)
Jak Collection (PS3 digital, 5 bucks, anniversary sale)
Dark Cloud 1 and Dark Cloud 2 (PS4 digital, 6 bucks each, anniversary sale)

Building up my library pretty decently

User Info: Flamechamp2333

1 year ago#3
got gravity rush hd and dark cloud 2 as well in the ongoing sale. May get chrono cross as well.
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User Info: Mercenary12451

1 year ago#4
infamous Collection on sale digitally for the PS Plus member price.

Parasite Eve PS1 classic digitally on the PS Store sale also for PS Plus member price.

Also picked up World of Final Fantasy for my PS4 on ebay Tuesday.

User Info: V I C I O U S

1 year ago#5
Red Dead Redemption / Undead Nightmare Bundle - 11.99 or about that much (PS3, Digital)
Medievil - 2.99 (PS1, Digital)
GTA Vice City - 4.99 (or about that much, PS2, Digital)
Metal Gear Solid Rising: Revengeance - 9.39 (PS3, Physical)
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - 9.99 (PS3, Physical)
Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain (Day One) - 15.99 (or about that much, PS3 physical)
Borderlands Triple Pack - 29.99 (PS3, Physical)

I'm stoked... please, I just need free time.

Gonna buy FFVII and Jak & Daxter Collection as well before Week 2 of the anniversary sale is up.
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User Info: INKU48

1 year ago#6
Imported Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition and it arrived last week. Also bought some PS1 and PS2 classics on PSN.

User Info: Halladay32

1 year ago#7
I'm going to buy Wild Arms, Chrono Cross and Vagrant Story from the anniversary sale. Last week, I got Xenogears and Katamari Damacy, so I'll suddenly have lots of PS1 RPGs to play in the future (and a weird, ball-pushing game...)
what are next?

User Info: INKU48

1 year ago#8
Had a bit of PayPal credit to burn so I decided to get a couple of games I had been eyeing for some time now:
E.X. Troopers
20 Singapore bucks for Dark Mist plus DLC

User Info: Sibbs

1 year ago#9
Picked up Kingdom Hearts 1.5, 2.5, and Demon's Souls this past week. Think it was around $50 for the 3 games total, iirc (physical media).
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User Info: Varron

1 year ago#10
Bought a used copy of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow from a seller on Amazon. All I need now is to track down a local copy of White Knight Chronicles 2 (sold this twice in the past) and my PS3 collection will be more than complete.
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