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User Info: KOVO333

6 years ago#1
So after 4.60 bombed my PS3 I had to find some way...ANY way to get this working

after about a week of constantly crawling Youtube, PS forums, this unwelcoming craphole, very little helped and I had to find something that WORKS. The good thing about this freetime I found my old boxset of Southern Cross!! FLUCK YARRGH!!!

I know, what a douche, right? so anyway long Homeric epic short, my experience was with my Ultra Slim 500 GB Ps3 I got with GTA V... I downloaded the 4.60 update and my system restarted and kept getting stuck at 99% then i got error code 8002F310....over and over. Safe mode wouldn't ever just went back to "The previous update was cancelled..."


1. You're going to have to unplug your ps3 and pull your HDD out for a little while. No this will not erase anything...another side note was NONE of the youtube/PS sites helped me get the HDD bay cover off of my ultra slim 500GB PS3, they say you have to gently slide it, I was fist f***ing my PS3 for about an hour with no results before I just randomly grabbed a AA battery off the table and pushed it at the front, the cover flew off. wtf?

unscrew the blue screw with a philips head Screwdriver, but leave the HDD inside for now, but get used to pulling it out and pushing it back in. Gently.

2. Next hold the power button down until your PS3 beeps turns on and then off, now for this next step you need to hold the tab for the HDD and the power button, wait for the button to beep once, twice, then when you hear the double-beep...let go of the power button and GENTLY pull out. the HDD..I don't know why I'm saying gently, the guide where I got some of this from emphasized the GENTLY part. I guess the author assumes all gamers are a heavy handed rapey bunch ..anyhoo

3. Wait about 30 seconds and you'll see the screen turn black then say connect your wireless controller via USB. you are now in Safe Mode! Almost there. Slide your HDD back in...

4. Get the 4.55 update from softpedia...put it on a USB, one formatted to FAT32 (maybe this is redundant, that's the only kind that works on ps3. create two folders, one named PS3, and another named UPDATE. put the update inside the UPDATE folder inside the PS3 folder. IMPORTANT, the folder names must ALL be capitalized, or the PS3 won't auto recognize it. All i had was porn and the ps update on my usb and the ps3 still recognized it. Don't be ashamed, just follow instructions and the day is won

5. plug the USB in and go to the system update option, follow the instructions, the install will finish itself...

6. ????


and so there you have it your ps3, or mine at least, is still working

I can't help with YLOD or black screens...or updating to 4.60 all I know is from my experience...and I wanted my ps3 working again and I got it. I'm not updating again until I finish The Phantom Pain

Sucks I can't watch any streaming or get any of those 4 dollar Atlus games but oh well

Playing Midnight Club LA right now...god I hate this game.

lol @ DarkSymbiote's Watch_Dogs review...too true

I know this looks like a highly literate crackhead wrote this but I hope it helps somebody out there. All that matters is it works. And I'm out...
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  3. For those suffering from the 4.60 firmware install loop, FIXED
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