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PS+ & Instant Game Collection FAQ

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User Info: Noah_Body

3 years ago#32
I got 2k14 free after purchasing psn plus renewal then started the game and said this games trial will end in 5 minutes wtf.
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User Info: -pharells-hat3

3 years ago#33
thank you for this guide

User Info: ViolentPhlegm

3 years ago#34
Ochd12 posted...
I was told (and it actually happened to me) that when your subscription lapses, there are some IGC games that will be removed from your download list, even when you re-subscribe. He couldn't tell me why, but for me it happened with Quantum Conundrum.

The glitch with Quantum Conundrum not appearing as "Purchased" in the Playstation Store appears to be due to the bundling of the game with Tomb Raider. If you have your download receipts saved, try to find the one for "Tomb Raider Bundle" to determine on what date you bought that bundle (it will be sometime after March 3, 2013). Then search through your download list for the games you bought on that date and the demo and unlock for Quantum Conundrum will probably be there.

If the above doesn't work, try to figure out when the last date was that you renewed your Playstation Plus subscription and check that date in your download list. Free Plus games usually change dates in your download list, moving up to your last renewal date.

It is very annoying, though, that the game appears to be unpurchased in the Store, making it easy to accidentally re-buy something you already own.

User Info: Rozzbane

3 years ago#35
And the new games this month are games they gave to us last year. The only exception being Tomb Raider.

That is just going to be SO MUCH FUN.
I really like the fact that they've had the same avatar bundles in the discount section for well over three years!

Playstation the end, you're paying to keep games they gave you years ago while turning a sour face to the games they have for free.

It was cool when they gave us Duke Nukem Megaton Ed.
But this month and the last
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User Info: EraserGun

2 years ago#36
Is Playstation + worth it anymore now that they made it mandatory for online gaming for the PS4? Haven't a lot of the free games for PS plus ps3 dropped in quality?
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(message deleted)

User Info: Loveddup

2 years ago#39

User Info: boom-headshots

2 years ago#40
very nice
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