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PS+ & Instant Game Collection FAQ

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(message deleted)

User Info: metalRick

4 years ago#22
ok it's just that i wanted to have ps+ on my own account in order to use the online storage thing
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User Info: LordOfCinder

4 years ago#23
Can anyone confirm what happens to IGC games in your download list if you let the subscription run out? Do they get removed since you no longer have the privilege to download them anymore?
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(message deleted)
(message deleted)

User Info: QwErTySaC

4 years ago#26
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User Info: SauceyWombat

4 years ago#27
Thanks TC for putting this together

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User Info: bluexskyxnoise

3 years ago#28
I've got a question, my ps3 died a whole ago and I uploaded my saves via PS+ Luckily, I got a new ps3 and I've signed in with my old account but I can't find the option of downloading my save game data? Please help!
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User Info: rswsc0407

3 years ago#29
You need to go into the Online Storage folder and then just copy them to the Save Data folder.
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User Info: Three_Leaf_Ivy

3 years ago#30
I'd say the OP should be updated in light of the below link, but it looks like the TC has been gone since April?
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