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did you like PS2 or PS3 exclusives more?

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User Info: Xenobow

4 years ago#11
Ikilluha1 posted...
PS2, no question.

User Info: Bellum_Sacrum

4 years ago#12
PS2, not dumb or casual.
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User Info: slymshady

4 years ago#13
PS3 easily as most of the ps2 exclusives worth playing got superior HD ports

User Info: LeJonGriff

4 years ago#14

Need I say anymore. Although I loved the PS3. Hack//Versus game, the PS2 gave me more .Hack// games.
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User Info: MaxCHEATER64

4 years ago#15
Ikilluha1 posted...
PS2, no question.
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User Info: CitizenWolfie

4 years ago#16
If it weren't for Shadow of the Colossus I'd say they were more or less neck and neck.

PS2 has a wide range of good exclusives that started franchises, but PS3 has a smaller collection of awesome exclusives which perfected the formula for many series.

But so far nothing has come close to matching Shadow of the Colossus for me. Not Uncharted, not Last of Us. Nothing.
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User Info: bksonic123

4 years ago#17
Ikilluha1 posted...
PS2, no question.

User Info: tsukia8

4 years ago#18
PS2 by an absurd amount. Definitely the best generation.

I wouldnt mind trading the AAA title$ or every single PS3 best exclusives such as uncharted etc.. for what we were used to get on the PS2.

User Info: megametal42

4 years ago#19
Ps2 in a landslide. I have over 100 ps2 games, and not even half that for ps3. I don't have over 100 if you count xb360 games as well. Ps2 is my 2nd favorite system ever, after Nes. Snes is very close too...
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User Info: TeraPatrick2008

4 years ago#20
Leonman01 posted...
hard to say for me.


For everyone older than 15 it absolutely ISN'T!
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