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User Info: GrandProphet

7 years ago#1
Hey, wondering if anyone had this problem and has a fix for it. I have had a few times where I've tried downloading games and it just won't install. It will get a portion of the way through the install and then stop to say the data is corrupted.

What should I do if this happens? I delete and redownload the game and it happens over and over. Sometimes it will work, sometimes it will not.

To note: I am on a WIRED CONNECTION!

User Info: GrandProphet

7 years ago#2

User Info: Irony

7 years ago#3
Last time that happened to me when I shut the PS3 off and then back on it forced a rebuild database.
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User Info: jujusix

7 years ago#4
here is the problem: your system lost electricity while downloading or your system crashed. I had this issue, here is how I get around it. I PAUSE the download everytime I turn the system off and restart it manually, every time I turn it on. Yes its a hassle but it will resolve the problem.

User Info: no2morro

7 years ago#5
What you are doing is right. My PS3 just crashed trying to download Hitman Absolution (it literally froze). I shut turned it off, rebuilt database, and deleted the files. I then redownloaded. Hopefully it doesn't screw up again, that bad boy is 17gb.
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User Info: duquesa93

7 years ago#6
What also works for me is that i restart my router and it usually solves the problem
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User Info: Rapham0n

7 years ago#7
I've heard of a few people having this same problem even when nothing happens that would cause their console to lose electricity. I think the problem is the PS3's memory gets full when downloading these big files and that's when you get problems. I have found that when downloading large files if you choose to "download in background" and if you pause the download and restart your PS3 every 1GB of data that has been downloaded then that usually avoids this problem.

So when downloading large files keep an eye on your download and every time you've downloaded a gig of data then pause the download and restart the PS3 and then resume the download. So you would do this at 1GB, then 2GB, then 3GB, and so on until the file is completely downloaded. It's extremely tedious but this ensures that you don't run into a error when trying to install the data once its done downloading.

When you restart the PS3 it clears the memory. And since doing this seems to avoid this problem of faulty downloads it leads me to believe that downloading these large files overloads the PS3's memory and that's what is causing the problem.

I don't think SONY ever meant for the PS3 to be able to download such large files and that is why we have these issues. So to avoid this problem you need to download large files piece by piece.
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User Info: CalamityJohn

7 years ago#8
Just out of curiosity, for those who have problems like these, what model of PS3 have you got? I've downloaded a few big games before (like 10GB+) and never had this kind of trouble. My PS3 is a 160GB Slim (hard disk upgraded to 1 TB).

User Info: tmtyf

7 years ago#9
The issue is your ISP. I've dealt with plenty of headaches trying to figure it out. If you get a corrupted download you need to delete it, then turn off/on your ps3 so it removes it completely from memory and try again. If you have bright house for internet (time warner) they can fix the issue in a few min. As for other ISP I'm not sure but I'd imagine something similar could be done.
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