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embroiled in a trophy war with my brother

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User Info: kel25

4 years ago#41
Yaboy125 posted...
its not about plats or golds, its about comparing percentage. I am at level 13, 10%, he is currently at 13 with 2%, so I have an 8% lead. All of this lead was obtained via bioshock infinite.

If what you care about is level and percentages don't waste your time going for Platinums. Each trophy is worth a certain amount of points and their is barely a difference between the points given for a platinum compared to a bronze. You are better of playing a lot of games with a large amount of easily obtained bronze trophies and not wasting any time on any trophy that might be giving you problems.

Looking at your list you will want to avoid playing Demon's Souls and White Knight Chronicles 2 because both games will be large time sinks with little gain in the trophy department. Dead Island is a pretty easy game to quickly earn some trophies.

I'm not too sure about the rest though. I either haven't played them or it has been so long that I don't remember how time consuming they were. Action games tends to be a good genre if you want to get quick trophies. Most of the games can easily be beat under 10 hours so trophies tend to come quickly. You will want to avoid RPGs since many of them will require massive amounts of time to get trophies.

Here is a list of games you might want to look into. They were all fairly easy to platinum so you should have no problems getting a bunch of trophies for them.

Prototype 2
Dark Void
Dead Space
Far Cry 3
Heavy Rain
Infamous 1&2
Just Cause 2
Mafia 2
Portal 2
Resident Evil 5&6
Sleeping Dogs
Sly Cooper Collection
Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection
The Darkness 2
The Saboteur
Uncharted 1,2,&3
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User Info: Raven_Cyarm

4 years ago#42
Have sex with a woman.

It doesn't matter how many ****ing platinums he has then.
You're not the official anything of any board.
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User Info: SoaringDive

4 years ago#43
Raven_Cyarm posted...
Blatant sexism.
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User Info: JonnyZ

4 years ago#44
Get Jetpack Joyride for PS3. It is FREE on PSN and has about 10 trophies I think, and they are all really easy to get. Plus the game is pretty fun!
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