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Any straight gamers enjoy having homosexual relationships in videogames?

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  3. Any straight gamers enjoy having homosexual relationships in videogames?

User Info: wrightreyesrock

4 years ago#11

User Info: BosSBaer

4 years ago#12
xxxRemmyxxx posted...
I like playing a lesbian from time to time. Mostly I just like to see girls making out. I don't even care if they show a sex scene or not. As long as they make out, that's good enough for me. I got a thing for that.

Me too (:

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User Info: ValzacardX

4 years ago#13
I don't and never will unless forced to story wise. But hey whatever floats you personal boat.
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User Info: deprofundis442

4 years ago#14
Maybe to see the sequence of events, if it opens up any quests, dialogue options, etc.

I've done it just for the sake of playing parts of the game otherwise left untouched by all the homophobic people running around in the gaming community.

User Info: Aisioux

4 years ago#15
Well, I support homosexual activity 100% This is why.

So here I am, on the final hours of Mass Effect 3, I'm playing as a Female Shepard, and one of the females asked me could she take a shower with me. Considering this could be our last battle. Before I could reply playfully "I saved before this point" I was already locked in a romantic shower scene followed by some bed play.

Two guys, hell no. But two girls. Bring it on. Rated M for mature.

That is all.
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User Info: xWant

4 years ago#16
I honestly don't care. Homosexual doesn't bother me as a straight guy. In our time and age, these type of things are completely normal.
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User Info: enigma2274

4 years ago#17
StockpileThomas posted...
Only if i'm playing a lady character :P

Because if even if I'm a woman I still want another dudes.
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User Info: _tanjil_

4 years ago#18
I could careless if they're there or not. I'd play straight. Wouldn't bash on someone for choosing to be gay.

Hell I wouldn't care if a game decided to make a gay protagonist. I would LOVE IT if a game would make a stereotypical gay protagonist. Would be hilarious.

But then vocal minorities would get the game banned, even the television and cinema have been doing the same thing for years.
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  3. Any straight gamers enjoy having homosexual relationships in videogames?

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